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Garden Center: (607) 535-4270
Flower Shop: (607) 535-7366
Our hours change seasonally. Please call for current business hours.

Stillman's Greenhouse

Our eleven greenhouses are open to the public, and you'll quickly notice the difference between us, and the discount chain stores: We grow and sell plants, not "products." If you visit year round, you'll see us planting seeds, transplanting plants from trays to containers, and potting our own beautiful hanging baskets and containers.

Springtime at Stillman's

In the spring, all the greenhouses are "chocked full" with potted annual flowers, including Proven Winners™, flowering hanging baskets, flats and more flats of annual and perennial flowers, several sizes of potted perennials, Browse our greenhouses for annuals, perennials, foliage, vegetables, herbs and garden supplies, at Stillman's Greenhouse, Montour Falls, NY.and our own favorite selections of combination planters.

We also grow a very large assortment of herbs and vegetables,Healthy and hearty vegetable plants and herbs at Stillman's Greenhouse and Garden Center, Montour Falls, New York, south of Watkins Glen. including over 50 varieties of tomatoes, patio tomatoes, 35 varieties of hot and sweet peppers, and many hard to find vegetable plants such as artichoke and okra. Our vegetables and herbs are sold in both flats and pots.

Combination Paks!

Potted plants, hanging baskets, annuals and perennials at Stillman's Greenhouse and Garden Center, Montour Falls, NYOur Combination Paks are a big time favorite with many vegetable gardeners—for example, a pak of assorted vegetables for the small garden, or our custom paks with plants that produce early, mid-season, and late in the summer so you have fresh produce throughout the summer.

Fall Season

Fall is a beautiful time of the year at Stillman's Greenhouse, with hundreds of husky and hearty garden mums in several sizes and in hanging baskets. We also Spring and seasonal plants year round at Stillman's Greenhouse and Flower Shop, Montour Falls, New York.have flowering cabbage and kale in the greenhouse, along with the trees and shrubs available for fall planting in the nursery.

Holiday Seasons

People who love flowers and plants love the holiday seasons. Mother's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas all bring to mind the beautiful holiday plants at Stillman's: Easter lilies, poinsettias, Christmas cactus, cyclamen plants, spring bulbs, and fall mums.

Fantastic flowers and hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs at Stillman's Greenhouse, Montour Falls, NY


Wonderful Winter Retreat

Customers are welcome into the greenhouses throughout the year, and it's always a special treat to leave the dreary winter behind you and step into the sights and smells of growing flowers and plants. Sharie says the greenhouse is definitely a healing clinic for those with "Seasonal Affective Disorder!"